Darrenfest Raffle Prize


On the 17th April I was attending aforementioned event being held in Voodoo Bar Belfast, it was a fundraising event to help Darren get the life saving treatment he needs! We donated a £30 Gift Voucher for the raffle to help raise the much needed cash. The winner was Ruth Flinn! and I presented her with her £30 gift voucher at Belfast City Skin Works.

DarrenFest £30 Voucher for Belfast City Skinworks

No one can explain it better than Darren so I thought it best he explain it. This statement was taken from his fundraising page Help Darren and if you wish you can donate as well.

Hello…….everyone! (I guess @@)

Last January (2014) I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer from which less than 5% of people survive more than 5 years.

I have been through one surgery on my bowel, which was very successful, but unfortunately my cancer had spread to my liver, which is very common in cases that are not detected at an early stage.

Having been through 6 months of successful chemotherapy, (with cetuximab) I was hoping to be able to have the tumours in my liver resected. On the 22nd of December I was told that this was not possible and the only possible treatment that may work to actually get rid of my liver cancer is a new and expensive treatment called, “Selective Internal Radiotherapy Treatment” (SIRT).

Unfortunately, while this would be the next logical step in my battle with cancer the NHS cannot fund it. For this reason I am hoping to raise the money myself as I am currently at the best stage in my treatment to try it! I have been off chemotherapy for six months now, which is a pre-requisite for this treatment and my body is holding up as well as it can, in fact except for my liver problem, I am (touch wood) an otherwise healthy human!

I am hoping that I can get 20000 people to view my appeal and donate just £1 each.

As well as funding my treatment your pound will be sponsoring my younger brother to run the Belfast marathon as part of our fundraising effort! I will also be running the last mile with him and we will have t-shirts with myself on them 🙂

A bit about myself:

I am 37 years old from Belfast in Northern Ireland:

Prior to becoming ill I had just completed the first year of my Ph.D. (in New Zealand) not feeling well I returned to the UK and began working as a full-time Academic Liaison librarian. I was only 3 months in my new professional position when I was given the worst news I could have expected. Sadly, I did not have life insurance in place at this time as I was in the process of resettling in the UK; hence the need to at least attempt to raise funds for my treatment in this way!

I am currently living in Belfast and to look at me you would not know how ill I am. Presently I manage to go to the gym for two hours every other day, I enjoy cooking, playing my guitar, music, reading and film. I support the Seattle Mariners & Man Utd and love motorcycles.

My hope is that I can raise the money to make it into remission or at least extend my life beyond the 2 years my oncologist said I was likely to live for on the 22nd of December 2014.


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