David Beckham on Tattoos Today


So today has been a day of great news. Having seen the David Beckham and James Corden’s New Underwear Line I decided to contact David Beckham’s PR guys hoping to get a few words on what his tattoos mean to him.

He (or his PR team) got back to me!

  • All tattoos have meaning to me.
  • Personal feelings are a big part of the thought process.
  • Romeo came up with the idea for my angel piece.
  • In the end we all have different views on what we get tattoo’d on our bodies.
  • Let time pass when you are making your choice and make sure its the right choice.
  • For me my cross with the wings has the most meaning.
  • Over thinking tattoo ideas can make for a bad decision.
  • Our society still has a problem with tattoos but this is changing.
  • Louise, Victorias sister, said I was mad when I got my 1st tattoo.
  • Stand tall when confronted about your tattoos as they will be with you forever.

What are your thought on this, Could he have went into more detail? I am just glad I got a reply.