Interview with apprentice Chloe Doherty


The world of tattoo artists is a predominantly male industry. Some females might feel the pressure when trying to break her way through and become established in this field. But this would not put off a girl with ambition, creativity and a passion for the art of ink. Chloe Doherty is currently in training with Tynann Coyle of Black Dagger Tattoo Co, and she is loving every minute of it! I got chatting to Chloe about her career choice, how she got to this point and where she hopes to go. Read Chloe’s interview below.

chloe blackdag

Have you always wanted to be a tattoo artist?

Ever since I was little I’ve always known I was artistic, I got into tattooing once I started getting them myself I’ve always been fascinated by them.

How long are you doing it?


I got my first kit just after my 17th birthday which was over two and a half years ago; I’ve been practicing ever since.

How did you get started in Black Dagger?


Tynnan came to me personally and sent me a message asking me if I would be interested in working with him and of course I said yes!

Do you shadow Tynnan as part of your training or how do you learn?


In a way yes, as we both work alongside each other in the studio. I have already learned a lot from Tynnan, he’s a great mentor and because I’ve been practicing for so long I’ve been picking up things quite quickly, I can’t wait to learn more.

Do you have any regular clients?


Yes I have many regulars, although my main client from the beginning gets tattooed almost once a week and keeps coming back for more! He’s like my personal guinea pig.

Would you like to have your own tattoo studio in the future?


Of course, it’s what most tattooists’ dream of including me, I’d love to have my very own studio.

How do you find working in a mostly male dominated industry?


I see both male and female as equal, so for me there is no difference. My gender does not affect my ability to become a successful tattoo artist.

Do you advertise your work on social media?


Yes, I have an Instagram account (cdtattoo) specifically for the tattoos I have done and so I can keep tabs on my progression as an artist.

Are you enjoying your training?


Yes, becoming a tattoo artist is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and now it’s finally happening. I’m really enjoying my experience in Black Dagger Tattoo Co so far and I can’t wait to see what my future brings!

Any advice for girls looking to get started in the tattoo business?


I say go for it! If you’re really passionate about tattoos then you’ve got nothing to lose. For me personally I don’t see tattooing as my work or a job because I love what I do. Don’t give up on perusing a tattoo career if it’s what you want to do, I went around many local tattoo studios with my portfolio to be told the same thing “we’re not hiring”, and then out of nowhere I was offered two jobs in the one week!

Chloe is very talented and is keen to develop. She was a part of the recent Foyle Search and Rescue charity event at Black Dagger. I was her first customer at the event and I was very pleased with her work, I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!

Book Chloe for your tattoo!  Contact her via facebook or call to the studio to secure an appointment; Black Dagger Tattoo Co @ 173 Spencer Road, Derry.