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Art of Damage was originally opened in 1998 by tattoo artist Neal Scott in Limavady and ran for seven years before taking a six year hiatus. During this time Neal worked across Eire in other tattooists honing and improving his craft. Art of Damage as it is today, reopened in 2012 when Neal returned to his home; Limavady. Art of Damage’s aim is to create a safe, clean and relaxed environment to be tattooed in.

The name; Art of Damage originates from a band Neal played in for 11 years. Only disbanding when Neal began tattooing full time. Temporarily damaging someone’s skin to give them art the name was a perfect fit and as they say, the rest is history.

After working for two years Neal took on his first and only apprentice; Gemma Pinner. Since starting at Art of Damage full time Gemma has been a great addition to the studio. Both artists strive to give their clients a positive experience and the very best tattoo possible and one that is unique to them. With much of their work being completely custom designed for each customer. Some of which you can see it our gallery.

The studio itself is fully inspected, registered and approved by local health authorities. All equipment is sterilised to medical standards and we only use the highest quality inks and equipment.