Run by Barry Hogarth, an artist with over 20 years professional shop experience. Barry prides himself on the fact that he does not have (nor want!) an apprentice, receptionist or groupies! If you visit Irish Street Tattoo studio you will talk only to Barry and be tattooed only by Barry, not an apprentice or trainee.

This allows you to have the full value of my experience and ensures a bespoke tattoo service, tailored to you. Barry has set up this studio with the emphasis on quality of tattoos. It is a one to one service in a comfortable and hygienic environment.

Both the studio and Barry are licensed with Down district council Environmental Health Authority. In accordance with their regulations he has a separate sterilisation area, equipped with the latest ultrasonic and vacuum autoclave cleaners, which are used to keep his equipment clean. All of his needles are single use, pre-sterilised and are always opened and disposed of whilst you watch. The machine grips(the bit you hold) are also sterilised and opened in front of you. Barry’s tattoo inks are non-toxic and certified vegan safe.

He has thousands of varied designs to choose from and books to help get you inspired. However he is there to encourage and assist his clients in getting their own unique tattoo from a rough idea or sketch. Barry is, of course, happy to do a personalised version of tattoos that you may have found on the internet or social media sites.

The best way to make an appointment is drop into the shop for a free consultation. Then you can have a chat in person about what you want and look through designs, make some starter sketches and work out the right size of your tattoo. Only in this way Barry is able to give you an idea of the cost of your tattoo. he CANNOT price tattoos over the phone or via Email or social media.

My minimum charge is £30. for maybe a small name or basic design.

The hourly rate is £60. and this is only for ongoing pieces (sleeves, legs, etc).

Being located in Downpatrick the studio is only 40 minutes drive from both Belfast and Southern Ireland. This allows Barry to offer you small town prices whilst giving you world-class tattooing.