I have always had a passion for Art. My earliest Art memory was when I was about 4 years old, I drew a sand castle with a flag on top. I went through Schools just loving to draw, paint & design. By the age of 11, I knew I wanted a career in the Art field. I got top marks in GCSE Art and had my work displayed in a local Art Gallery in Belfast the following year. Was one of my proudest moments. I went on to College to gain a qualification in GNVQ Art & Design but never went further than that as I got a job as a Sign Writer.

In between then and tattoos, I had numerous jobs but mostly Art related including Sign Making, Vehicle Graphics & Graphic Designer.

In February 2006, Snoopy from Tattoos By Snoopy, Glengormley, took me on Part-Time until June 2006 when I went Full-Time at Tattooing, up until I had my 1st Son in October 2008. From then I’ve only been tattooing part-time as well as being a busy Mum of 3 little monkeys.

I`ve travelled to the UK, Germany, Norway, America & Russia for Conventions and have met some amazing Artists but most importantly, some down to earth Artists!

I really enjoy tattooing but I`m not just a Tattoo Artist. I`m also a..
-Carer: I`ll look after you when you`re in pain & looking pale..
-A Friend: Someone you can trust & laugh with..
-An Agony Aunt: For any problems you may have..
-An Adviser: will guide you into the right direction relating to your — tattoo..
-A Nurse: I`ll keep you cleansed & patch you up..
-& A Search Engine: I will help you with any designs you may be looking for..

I love all that comes with Tattooing, but most of all, I love it when I see the final Tattoo piece displayed on a very very happy customer.